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WapX Nigeria is a gift card trading platform from Nigeria. We are the most reliable and fastest gift card buyer in the market.

On WapX, you can: Sell iTunes Gift Cards For Naira, Trade Amazon Gift Cards For Cash, Exchange Walmart Gift Cards For Naira, Sell Steam Wallet Gift Cards For Naira, Trade Google Play Gift Cards In Nigeria, Sell Target Gift Cards, Sell Apple Store Gift Cards and many more.

We also buy and sell Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies.

100% Guarantee Satisfaction and efficiency is our watchword. Here at WapXnigeria, we never fail our customers. We are the number 1 gift card loaders and crypto exchangers in Nigeria.

We accept all gift cards and Cryptos. Our agents are well equipped to handle any gift card exchange or Cryptocurrency exchange at any time of the day providing our customers with around-the-clock service.